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BitMar Networks Releases Open Source Internet TV Platform (itvOS)




Allentown, PA — October 06, 2011 — BitMar Networks, the company behind the free TV service app, iTVmediaPlayer, has officially announced the release of its Open Source version of iTVmediaPlayer -- itvOS.

The PHP-based itvOS platform is designed to allow any website to provide users access to unrivaled, premium online TV content at no cost (legally.) Additionally, even user-end customer support and unlimited, automatic content updates are included with the free itvOS package... allowing TV content curators to focus on branding; and not on technicalities such as maintenance, new content discovery and data entry.



In essence, the platform is extremely light -- barely 72 KB in size. It is so mall in local size, because it relies on a cloud-based, dynamic database of already-established TV content giants and TV networks to provide its free TV service. The database itself is accumulated remotely, through the international collaboration of content suggestions from all the end-users. Once filtered for content quality, by the itvOS staff, the content or provider gets listed (if certain criteria is met) and the database keeps growing. A fresh copy of the itvOS platform can be downloaded for free from the itvOS.org website (http://www.itvOS.org/).

BitMar Networks, headquartered in Allentown, PA, is the software company that gave birth to iTVmediaPlayer. Throughout the last few years, the company has slowly merged from a B2B, web design and programming solutions firm; into a B2C web applications company. For more information, feel free to visit: http://www.bitmar.com or contact: publicrelations@bitmar.com

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