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Millions of movies and shows

iTVmediaPlayer provides you access to millions of premium movies and shows, for a one-time fee. It aggregates premium, online movies, shows, songs, videos, TV channels, video sites, online channels and more; and displays all that content to you in one place, in an intuitive and easy-to-access way. You can browse the guide based on genre (Movies, Shows, Entertainment, Sports, News, Educational and International) and/or format (streamed live or on-demand.) You can also search for specific movies and shows. iTVmediaPlayer is compatible with all Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux and Android devices (including phones and tablets.) You can even connect your computer or device to your TV, using an HDMI cable (or any other way.) iTVmediaPlayer is the best (legal) alternative to expensive TV service, Netflix, Hulu, etc.















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